In consideration of the extension of credit to the Applicant (which Princeton Chemical Company, reserves the right to grant, revoke or modify at any time), the Applicant agrees to pay for all items delivered or services rendered to the Applicant, in accordance with the terms of each invoice. Applicant agrees that the terms and conditions of sale stated on such invoices shall form a contract between Princeton Chemical Company and the Applicant. Applicant agrees that a monthly FINANCE CHARGE of 1.5% per month or the highest amount legally allowed shall be payable on all sums due Princeton Chemical Company which have not been paid by the last day of the month following billing, and Applicant agrees to promptly pay said service charge. An additional service charge, computed on the same basis, will be due and payable every 30 days thereafter. Waiver of any one or more service charges shall not be deemed to be a waiver of future service charges. THE APPLICANT AUTHORIZES THE CLERK, PROTHONOTARY, OR ATTORNEY OF ANY COURT OF RECORD TO APPEAR FOR THE APPLICANT AND CONFESS JUDGEMENT AGINST THE APPLICANT FOR ANY SUM UNPAID UNDER SUCH INVOICE. Should it become necessary to place the account with a collection agency or attorney, the Applicant agrees to pay all collection costs and attorney fees in addition to all other sums due. Applicant authorizes Princeton Chemical Company to obtain credit and financial information concerning the Applicant at any time and from any source. THE UNDERSIGNED WARRANTS THAT THE ABOVE AGREEMENT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY READ AND THAT THE APPLICANT INTENDS THE ABOVE PROVISIONS TO BE LEGALLY BINDING UPON ACCEPTANCE OF THE CREDIT APPLICATION BY Princeton Chemical Company.

This application for credit (Agreement) is a contract between the signatories hereto Princeton Chemical Company. This agreement shall be governed by the following terms and conditions:

By signing, the undersigned applicant certifies that the information provided on this credit application is true, correct and complete and is given for the purpose of obtaining commercial credit from Princeton Chemical Company, and/or any assignee, potential assignee or designee hereof (collectively known as the “creditor”).

The undersigned authorize the creditor or the creditor’s designated agents and affiliates to obtain information about the undersigned from any credit reporting agency; hereby authorizes the named banks, financial institutions or trade references as listed on this application to release such information as is necessary to establish credit with the creditor. And hereby grants express permission to creditor or the creditor’s designated agents to transmit to the following facsimile machines or via e-mail of the undersigned any information relating to any products purchase by the undersigned with the credit established with the creditor or the creditor’s designated agents and affiliates. The undersigned authorized the creditor to give information about the undersigned, the undersigned accounts and the creditor’s experience with the undersigned to others, including but not limited to banks, stores and credit reporting agencies.

Miscellaneous & State Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware in effect upon execution hereof. This Agreement represents the entire Agreement between the parties hereto concerning the subject matter hereof, and supersedes and replaces any and all previous or contemporaneous agreements of whatever form. This contract shall be construed as though drafted by the parties jointly.


In the event Applicant shall be adjudged bankrupt or otherwise insolvent under any law or agreement or shall have any such proceedings initiated against them, whether state or federal, and in any court or administrative agency, whether voluntary or involuntary, said party shall promptly notify Princeton Chemical Company, and all amounts due and payable hereunder shall immediately become due and payable without further notice or demand.

The undersigned individual who is either a principal of the credit applicant or a sole proprietorship of the credit applicant, recognizing that his or her individual credit history may be a factor in the evaluation of the applicant, hereby consents to and authorizes the use of a consumer credit report on the undersigned by the above named business credit grantor, from the time as may be needed, in the credit evaluation process.

Returned Checks

Checks are subject to a $25.00 service charge or the maximum lawful amount.

Returned Items

No returns will be accepted without prior written authorization. Princeton Chemical Company reserves the right to inspect items returned for credit and may reduce any credit due for items that are returned damaged or in less-than-new condition. Applicant agrees to pay a restocking charge of 10% of the original purchase amount.