For best results use the following instructions:


Store in a cool dry place at a temperature between 50F-70 F. Do not use if the product has been exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time. The cartridge should be stored standing upright and purged immediately after removing the nose plug to eliminate any air that might be trapped in the cartridge. Use within 24 months of date of manufacture. The product can be stored with the mixer tip attached as long as the outlet is clean before attaching a new mixer tip.

Static Mixers

Only use the recommended and supplied mixer tips that have been engineered for the supplied cartridge. Use mixer tips that are clean and free of any blockage. If the material has started to gel in between jobs then discard and reuse a new mixer tip.

Dispensing Guns

Use a recommended dispenser that is in good working order and free of broken parts. Dispensers with a higher mechanical advantage can cause problems of off ratio mixing. To minimize off ratio mixing use light constant pressure on the trigger and do not force the adhesives out of the cartridge.

Cold Sheet Goods

Bring the sheet goods to a temperature of 60F-70F before fabrication. Adhesives that are dispensed and used on cold sheet goods may not fully cure causing bonds of lower strength.

Cold Adhesives

Adhesives that have been stored in a refrigerator must be brought up to room temperature before use. The product may not mix correctly if it is too thick to pass through a mixer tip or may not achieve enough heat to trigger the chemical reaction. To avoid damage do not heat past 100F.

Fabricator Action

Use the correct trigger action to achieve on ratio mixing. Apply and maintain constant pressure on the trigger, do not stop and let the adhesive run-on in between strokes. Once you come to the end of a stroke rapidly re-trigger the dispenser and maintain the constant pressure once again until either the job or cartridge is completed.  If the dispenser is set down for any amount of time purge the contents of the mixing tip as it is possible for off ratio mixing while the cartridge is drooling.