While it is always best to use the recommended adhesive color match, it is not always possible. We have an adhesive named “Outre White” which can be used on many different sheet colors. The way “Outre White” works is to blend in to the surfacing material when a tight fit is achieved for seams and laminations. It is a highly translucent adhesive that is designed to pick up the surrounding material color and also mimic the light refraction properties of the surface that is being joined.

The development of a highly translucent adhesive color is no accident. There is drive to reduce the number of colors of adhesives: it simplifies the supply chain and fabricators, distributors and adhesive manufacturers have the potential to be more profitable as a result. Considering adhesives usually make up roughly of 5-10% of overall material costs, there is the potential for substantial savings.

When recommended color matches are not possible for whatever reason, new tools such Outre White are a good option for fabricators-provided they get a good fit and the material in play is appropriate. For some materials (heavily pigmented colors, quartz surfacing, solids) a translucent adhesive may not work well  and leaving a dark line at the seam. You should always test a small joint when unsure of using a particular adhesive color.

It is also a good idea to have a few of these cartridges in house for emergencies or for when you don’t have quite enough to finish a job.

Fabrication Techniques for Achieving a Tight Fit

To achieve a tight fit and near invisible seams:

  • Machine both edges to be seamed
  • Seam or edges should fit tight when dry fitted
  • Clean seams or edges with denatured alcohol with a clean white rag
  • Use tape on the bottom of the seams so the adhesives do not come in contact with the table
  • Clamp the seams together; make sure there is adhesive squeeze out along entire seam. Do Not Over Tighten Clamps
  • Remove cured adhesive squeeze out with router on “skis,” surface leveller, or random orbital sander. Do not scrape, chisel or use belt sander on seam.
  • Finish sanding